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Kosta Marlangoutsos

Kosta began his career in real estate in 2007 working with investors on foreclosure actions and REO properties. He has already helped many clients fulfill their dream of ownership. His sales experience includes being a sales rep/marketing associate for Sysco Foods, and was the owner of Park Avenue and Ralston Road Cafes. Kosta has three daughters. His hobbies include Biking, working out, as well as ski/snowboarding.

What makes Kosta different from other real estate professionals is his market knowledge (always previewing) and professional people skills. Kosta’s strongest attributes are his ability to weather the frustrations and obstacles and to solve problems necessary to get to the closing table. His philosophy is being dedicated, knowledgeable, and a trustworthy. Superior customer service along with his philosophy will ensure that his clients are satisfied. He chose to become part of Parkside Real Estate and Management because of its professional experience in real estate and client connections. Clients have chosen to work with Kosta on the foundation of market knowledge, willingness to do anything to get the deal done for the client, real estate expertise, and superior customer service.